Deadborn is on sale today and tomorrow for only .99! This is an awesome zombie tale by fellow author and friend CM Stunich. The Cover is designed by Sarian Royal, the same wonderful woman who is designing my cover πŸ™‚

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Actor for Hire

Free on Smashwords πŸ™‚Actor for Hire GR

Actor for Hire is a prequel short story to Don’t Kill Dinner. Follow Kenna after Highschool graduation to New Orleans where one man with blue eyes can change her life forever.

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Welcome to my Madness

Welcome to the Official Blog of ME! Jennifer Martinez, author of the new series The Rules Trilogy! Check back often for teasers, book updates and giveaways!… and lots of exclamation marks, apparently.

Teaser 1

His hands trailed to the top of his dark red shirt. As he stood there I was finally able to see him in all his glory. He was six feet tall, toned but not too big and he had the most amazing Sapphire blue eyes flecked with grey. All of a sudden I was really anxious for him to start unbuttoning. As he coughed to stifle a laugh I realized I was ogling. Whoops. Now, as if trying to tease me he sauntered my way slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He stopped right as I was getting a killer view of his abs and pulled his shirt back to expose his pec. He pointed to the tattoo covering his broad chest and said β€œThe nightshade is mixed into the tattoo ink. That is what protects us.”

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